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Welcome to my campaign website.

I am pleased and humbled that I am returning as your Dunedin City Commissioner for three more years! When I was elected in 2009, I pledged as your citizen commissioner to work tirelessly for residents’ concerns on three major themes:

  1. Working for Dunedin’s economic development, new jobs and safeguarding our economy;
  2. Preserving and protecting Dunedin’s unique character;
  3. Protecting Dunedin residents from added property taxes and cuts in vital services.

I have committed myself thoroughly to these community goals, and I am proud to say that much progress is evident on all fronts, as you can read from my ‘Issues’ link on the left column. Now re-elected, my resolve is to continue with this solemn pledge.

Like many of you I am retired and live on a fixed income, and I know the value of your tax dollars. I feel the need for our city to balance and reduce its budget during tough economic times, and yet to do this with a protection for your quality of life and for the essential services which our unique city must provide. It’s about fair balance, a key principle that I use when reaching decisions before the Commission. Ethical principles are always my compass to a fair resolution of matters before us, and for a responsible voting record on behalf of all residents, without any private interests or personal agenda.

With a deep respect for all Dunedin citizens I represent, I have worked successfully for two balanced budgets without any new property taxes, and with no use of emergency reserves, which are vital, unlike many other communities who have taken a different approach. And I have worked successfully to protect and preserve essential public services, including those that enhance Dunedin’s unique quality of life!

Thank you for visiting my web site, and I look forward to working with you to ensure Dunedin's future prosperity. As we move ahead, always know that I welcome your thoughts through the ‘Contact’ information link on the left column.


Ron Barnette
Dunedin City Commissioner, Seat 2


Ron Barnette For Dunedin City Commissioner, Seat 2
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